iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14: Is the latest iPhone worth Rs 10,000 more?

The iPhone 15 starts at Rs 79,900, while the iPhone 14 is now available for Rs 67,999.

Price in India:

A better 48-megapixel camera system, Dynamic Island feature, faster chip, brighter display with support for USB-C connectivity.

What you get for extra Rs 10,000:

If you can afford it, the iPhone 15 is the better choice. However, if you're on a budget, the iPhone 14 is still a great phone.

Is it worth the expense?

Both phones have the same 6.1-inch display size, IP68 water-resistant rating, wireless charging support, and stereo speakers.

Other things to consider:

Consider the iPhone 13, which is available for Rs 55,999 and is very similar to the iPhone 14.

If you're on a tight budget:

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