Social studies mean an integrated or blended study regarding humanities as well as social-sciences for promoting the competence of civic. Social studies have been recognized commonly as course’s set or course’s name which is taught or is a subject in secondary and primary schools. It is also a course material in elementary, middle and
in high-school as well, but might also mention to study regarding specific aspect of human-society in some post secondary as well as tertiary-schools every where in the world.

At elementary level of school, social studies usually highlights 1st upon local family and community. In high as well as middle school, curriculum of social studies becomes very much based on discipline & content specific.

As subject, social studies greatly vary between curricula and countries. It is antonymous to social-science or sociology; few courses heavily borrow from political and social sciences and other sciences are being created for the schools, independently. In contrast to sociology, the courses of social studies consist often of opinion leading and general discussions regarding the topic without any mention to the academic research or theorists. Many courses of such type is inter disciplinary as well as drawn on many fields along with sociology. Except sociology various other fields are also included, they are mentioned below:-

  • Political-science – It is social-science which is concerned mainly with study about politics, state and government. It extensively deals with practice and theory of the politics as well as political-behavior’s or system’s analysis. Political-science is parted into 3 different sub disciples i.e. Political-Philosophy, International-Relations and Comparative-Politics, which constitute field together.
  • History – The term history means a discovery, organization, presentation as well as collection regarding the information relating to the events of past. We can use the term history in 2 senses. It can either mean event’s record or the events itself. In wide sense, history means all which has already happened or taken place, not just all human-life’s phenomena but also those regarding natural-world also.
  • Economics – It is a social science which relates various activities such as production, distribution of goods and services to the customers in the market. In other words it refers to the co-operation in between the society and its needs and demand.
  • Geography – Is that science which deals particularly with study about Earth as well as lands, inhabitants, phenomena or features of Earth.
  • Psychology – It is science regarding mental-processes as well as behavior. The goal of psychology understands groups and individuals through setting general-principles as well as researching particular cases. Benefiting the society is also the primary goal of some psychologists.
  • Civics – It is a study studying of duties and rights of the citizenship. Another definition for civics is study-of the government along with the attending to citizen’s role.

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