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rantnrave:// The Cavaliers are the argument against stability and smooth sailing as pillars of success. They fired their coach and won the NBA title last season. Now they’re letting GM David Griffin walk. It’s easy to let management churn when you have LeBron James. And chaos seems to follow owner Dan Gilbert. Griffin shouldn’t be overlooked for some of the riskier moves he made and for being a source of calm. So who operates the team during the draft? Will someone be hired in time for free agency? The NBA offseason is fun. Goes from 0 to 60 like a Ferrari. … ESPN’s look into the lives of Latinos in MLB is fascinating and important. Beisbol Experience fills a gap in baseball coverage. Latino players are under-covered, with too few reporters able to speak Spanish and too few willing to make an effort to provide content about them. That creates a significant hole. Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre should be bigger stars. Only six Latino players are represented on MLB’s top 20 selling jerseys and of the 17 leading vote-getters for each All-Star Game position, just five are Latino. This series, led by Marly Rivera, is a great look into their experience. How to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, infuse it with your own personality, and much more. … The NHL’s expansion draft Wednesday night is going to be fun. Already, teams have announced which players they’re willing to lose for nothing. Soon, we’ll know which ones the Vegas Golden Knights want. Sports teams usually try everything to mask how they feel about a player. In an expansion draft so much is in the open. I only wish it happened more often. Having a wild scramble every few years would be good theater. The expansion draft might be the best argument for expansion. … Offensive names can be trademarked, the Supreme Court ruled in a case about a rock band called The Slants. That’s a win for Washington’s NFL team, mostly. Though the decision was unanimous, the justices were split in their reasoning. That could diminish its impact on future legal battles. A deeper analysis of the decision and implications. … Never read the comments. Unless it’s PFT commenter. The genesis story of sports media’s best satirist. … FIFA never changes. Only the names do.

On the cusp of fame and fortune, the D.C.-area native is still fueled by doubts and slights — real and imagined — which have propelled him to potentially the brightest star in the NBA draft.
Kent Babb | The Washington Post

Forget football, the world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming. But increasingly its impact is proving harmful to those in its thrall.
Simon Hattenstone | The Guardian

The Phoenix Mercury guard just became the WNBA’s all-time leading scorer, adding to an impressive list of career accomplishments. Is she the best ever?
Alex Putterman | Vice Sports

An unusual arrangement between MLB and the Mexico League might be helping the relentless Cubs.
Travis Sawchik | FanGraphs

Grade-school chess teams from Franklin County, Mississippi, blow past stereotypes about who can play chess and win national recognition.
60 Minutes & Sharyn Alfonsi | CBS News


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